Day 3

The schools are shut. Still people don't seem to get the idea that this is about limiting social contact. Think teenager, when that was key, when that was what your life was all about... Revisit it again, a second chance at it.

We are determined to go out for a walk each day but when we did today it seemed odd, forced. The sunny weather felt at odds with the news of more deaths due to the Coronavirus - we are glad of the sunshine but it just makes all the gloom in our world seem unreal. How can there be tragedy when the sun shines? You forget how many battles we face in our every day, and have fought throughout history, how many personal and national tragedies have taken place in the heat, sun and brightness of a day. I think we have just got used to our film and theatre industry using mood lighting to highlight a crisis or threat. Thankfully, I don't think anyone has passed this script necessity or stage direction on to nature...

We stopped at our usual 'viewing point' and looked out towards the hills, the church - green fields and yellow daffodils spanning the distance before us. Can there really be a crisis? My husband must have shared my incredulity and my unease, 'Do you feel it must have been like this during the wars, when the lads from the villages marched off and nobody understood what was going on really, what they had to face?' he asked. Yes, that's how I felt. 'They didn't realise how everything was going to change', I added. 'How changed they would be - I wonder if they felt they were on the brink of something, teetering on a knife edge, trying to balance or trying to find balance. It feels like we are under threat of invasion but by an invisible army, that they are here creeping closer, stealthily...''. And I stopped talking abruptly as a big hairy bee aimed straight for me and buzzed around my head before finding a real flower to land on. I love bees and I always think a bee coming to you means you will receive news soon, one of my late mother's many country sayings. Please let it be good news I silently asked the bee.

Later we played 'Guess the Intro' - which means we basically played the first bars of a song from a You Tube video to my husband and he guessed who it was every time. Annoying. Our son had a good laugh at all the 'old' music we chose. 'Old', really? But then we realised it was to him - Sex Pistols, Sham 69, Tenpole Tudor and Toy Dolls... Classics. He loved them! Well as I say, he laughed a lot anyway...

It's great we are box set bingers, so it's not anything different to find us all watching 'Grand Tour', and also catching up on films we have missed at the cinema. We chose to watch 'Knives Out' and were divided on the ability of Americans to do a good 'whodunnit', and on Daniel Craig's ability to have possibly done a more annoying American accent.

There are lots of Facebook posts at the moment about nature having a chance to recover with man staying away from it, which are quite pertinent. Perhaps we can think more honestly about our impact on our earth - possibly we need to 'be the change' our planet needs?

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