Day 9

One of my friends went shopping Wednesday and saw police on the supermarket doors, one person from each family only allowed to shop and a 'one person out and one person in' policy. Now the reality seems to have come to our rural idyll, there are rumours of riots in London and I don't know what to believe anymore - I am trying to limit how often I ask for an update of the Coronavirus on my phone and only use BBC or other reputable news sources. However staying connected via social media can be positive - Facebook had been alive with a request to gather on our doorsteps at 8pm yesterday evening and applaud, or make a noise in recognition of, our dedicated NHS staff on the front-line. My husband, son and I were out there applauding until our hands were red and smarting - we could hear our neighbours in the village doing the same. We feel eternally grateful for and proud of our NHS and its staff - they really are the heroes of the hour. Facebook also brought us videos of other places around the country doing the same thing at 8pm that evening and it made us all feel connected, that we really were all in this together. And of course there are other heroes more local to us all - ours the village shop, trying to deliver to residents as we stay in and rely on their delivery service to keep us topped up with food and other essentials.

I feel we should have acted sooner to curb panic buying and stockpiling, supermarkets surely didn't need a government directive to see they had a part to play in their response to a national crisis. But then I feel our government was too slow to show the temerity needed to call the situation by it's true name and escalate their response to suit. We should have been told to take it seriously sooner instead of scoffing at people who were trying to self-isolate and minimise the threat of an accelerated spread of the virus - you make things harder for an enemy, not easier. Eventually BoJo motored up to speed, occupying the same lane as most of us had been in for a while. Then today we are told he has the Coronavirus - so does the Health Secretary and the Chief Medical officer. Oh, and Prince Charles. Death and illness are great levellers with no allowances for status, money, wealth or power - everyone is at risk. As a nation we send them our wishes for a speedy recovery, but I can't help noticing that what their status, money, wealth and power did get them was a prompt test for the virus which is being denied to others generally...

That's our first week as a school facilitator over with then, and what do you think our son's history topic is? Victorians? Romans? No, you have probably guessed it already though...the Black Death... You really couldn't script it...

We watched the t.v. presenter and historian Dan Snow share how he has asked his elderly father Peter Snow, a t.v. presenter and journalist, to self-isolate for 12 weeks. He became quite emotional and explained how worried he felt, I was feeling quite emotional by this time and had just decided not to watch anymore when our son got up to give me a hug, put the leg of his chair on the dog's tail and all hell broke loose... He certainly knows how to dispel an emotional build up, we were then on the floor checking the dog was o.k., apologising to him and fussing him for ages...

I saw some photos on-line of the Year 11's from our son's school trying to grab a chance to say goodbye to each other when school was closing. Cue further emotional outpouring, I was in bits again - I knew I would feel emotional when they left but this seemed doubly poignant. I felt so sorry that they had 'lost' out on so much that was a rite of passage - exams that they had worked so hard for, leaving do's and presentations that would mark an ending for them and provide a chance to celebrate. Everything just seemed to come to such an abrupt end - I missed having the chance to say goodbye to them, but I wish them all luck and feel they are ready to make the difference to this world that we need to see

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