Day 10

I feel overloaded with facts and figures - weighed down is perhaps the better description. In the UK the death toll stood at 759 yesterday, 181 more than Thursday when 578 people had died. The fatalities are starting to climb - 260 people have died overnight in the UK, our worst death toll in a 24 hour period, 1,019 deaths now, today, March 28th. Numbers...people. It's like we are keeping score in a game only there is no fun to be had here, the tally is lives lost not darts thrown or pins knocked down...

We are racing to build makeshift hospitals in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff, we are racing to cope. To equip hospital beds with ventilators and oxygen. British cities now, not Chinese ones... I remember when I read this was happening in China, happening to them, and now it is happening here - 'them' has become 'us'.

From this weekend NHS heroes on the frontline - doctors, nurses, ambulance staff, paramedics - will be tested for the Coronavirus, swabs are taken from the nose and mouth. I have read that there is a temporary drive-thru testing facility for NHS staff launched at a theme park and that Boots HQ in Nottinghamshire is to be used as well. 'All hands to the pump', things utilised for different purposes other than their intended use - it sounds like a day coping with our son doing his school lessons at home...

I read that New York is struggling to cope with the numbers needing hospital treatment, that it is now regarded as the epicentre for the virus. Spain's death toll rose to 5,690 today, overtaking China's. Italy had their worst day on Friday so far with 919 people dying in a 24 hour period. Here people are struggling as their hospital operations are postponed indefinitely, police are dealing with people who still gather together, the Scottish Secretary of State is self isolating with the Coronavirus and ITV airs a pandemic disaster movie that received complaints of tasteless timing... So, I am sorry I checked the news really...then the local shop delivers our food order and I have a lovely email from a friend starting 'Hello Dearheart...' and I remember that I feel loved and cared for and they are the important things not to lose sight of...they are the important things to focus on.

However it is normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed at times of crisis and severe stress, so be honest about your feelings and let others around you know how you feel and what you are thinking. Odds are this will not be too different from their own thoughts and feelings. But remember to ask for, and be prepared to receive, help. Sometimes it is more about giving ourselves permission to be honest...with ourselves. Don't pile the pressure or the judgements on yourself or those around you - give yourself and each other a break. Yes, stay in ,stay safe, but remember to be kind...especially to, and about, yourself.

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