Day 15

'Wow, the Black Death started in China as well mum...', our son is doing his history school work, of course. 'There was pus and gangrene and bits dropped off...'. I rouse myself to check the historical source of all this fascinating data and take the 'Horrible Histories' book off him... Apparently I am no fun and school is better...

'One day children will be studying the Coronavirus and tracking it's journey...' he states matter-of-factly. 'If I have children they will ask me what it was like to live through a pandemic...'. Right, that's it, I look at the clock and realise it is only 11am, I deflate, I feel like I have done a day already, and I wonder if a pandemic, lockdown and national crisis means normal rules don't now apply to the appropriate time for me to have a G&T...? 'Mum, was the Spanish Flu a pandemic...?'

So we all went for a walk, my husband, I think, felt it was a safer option for everybody concerned... But as we neared the corner of the little lane we usually walk down an elderly couple came walking towards us, the man leaning heavily on a stick, and our son stopped in his tracks. 'We can't walk past them, we might kill them..' he gasped. I whirled round to face him and in reply to the mounting horror he saw on my face and the myriad of questions he saw forming on my lips, he hastily added,'Not intentionally, but we could pass them the virus, the lane is so narrow and they are so old...older than you...'. This really wasn't going well...for any of us. So we waved a greeting and turned around to walk back the other way as our son muttered about the terror he had seen in the old man's eyes as a youth (he was referring to himself, obviously, as we are far too decrpid to qualify for such a description...) had hoved into view. Odd, I thought, that the elderly gentleman should have been so perceptive, I didn't think he knew our son personally...

We turned left and this time we all stopped as we looked down the lane, which was only a bit wider this time, and 5 people were walking in a line spanned out the width of the pavement with dogs running amok. 'Just turn around and go home', my husband instructed without moving his lips, and we did as he bade, walking in silence for a few steps. 'Well at least we got some fresh air...', I offered. 'Told you going out was overrated...', our son chimed in. Silence again, and, if there had been less people about, I swear you would have heard a pin drop and seen tumble weed roll by...

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